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DC 9/11 Conference - CIT Statement

As some of you may know, a 9/11 conference is planned for this September in Washington D.C. It's called, "9/11: Advancing The Truth." I first heard about this conference earlier this year from a contact in the local D.C. 9/11 truth group. He was immediately skeptical, and after hearing his explanation, so was I.

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9/11 Pentagon Debate: Craig Ranke (CIT) vs Anthony Summers
Posted Monday, Oct 31, 2011, 11:01pm by Craig Ranke CIT

Last month, Pacifica Radio hosted a series of debates about 9/11, which were then broadcast nationwide on their radio network and affiliates as part of their 9/11 tenth anniversary special.  In the debate about "the lingering questions surrounding the attack" at the Pentagon, I had a chance to go head to head with Anthony Summers, co-author of the book The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden. He argued in favor of the official narrative, while I (of course) argued against it.

[Read more and watch the video]

Researchers To Present Exclusive, “Disturbing” Interviews With 9/11 Pentagon Witnesses in Toronto on Anniversary (PRESS RELEASE)
Posted Thursday, Aug 18, 2011, 10:51pm

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, American researchers will appear live at The Royal cinema in Toronto to present exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses to the act of mass murder which took place at the Pentagon that day. Their documentary film, which has been translated into several languages and garnered more than 500,000 views online, makes the case that these detailed audio and video-recorded witness accounts prove “beyond a reasonable doubt that the violent event at the Pentagon was the result of a carefully planned and skillfully executed military deception,” not a surprise attack by kamikaze hijacker pilots as alleged. The film, National Security Alert, will be incorporated into a multimedia presentation along with other relevant evidence.

The event is being sponsored and hosted by Toronto-based author and TV producer Barrie Zwicker. Doors open at 7:30pm, and the event begins at 8:00. Will Call tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 at CitizenInvestigationTeam.com. At the door, tickets will be $15 (regular), $12 for students and seniors; or pay what you can.

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CIT publishes response to David Chandler & Jonathan Cole's Joint Statement about the 9/11 Pentagon Attack
Posted Thursday, Feb 3, 2011, 6:53pm

We've been put in the difficult position of having to defend ourselves against people whose work regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center we respect and appreciate. Although we had never spoken to David Chandler or Jonathan Cole prior to the publication of their "joint statement" on the Pentagon attack, we had always considered them natural allies, had never badmouthed them or had any inclination to do so, and had even praised their work.

Unfortunately they did not have the courtesy or sense to get in touch with us to see if we had any responses to their apparent serious issues with our work before publicly denouncing it. The result, as we have now documented in great detail, was a simplistic, horribly sloppy, and defamatory essay which reveals that, at best, they had barely spent any time at all on our website, let alone bothered to view our extensive catalog of video presentations to familiarize themselves with the full scope -- or even many of the basics -- of the evidence we present, or us personally, before rushing to judgment and aggressively attacking us.

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NEW ANALYSIS: The Required Low and Level Impact Versus Standing Poles and Obstacles on North Side Path

Posted Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011, 11:25pm

In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this website (CitizenInvestigationTeam.com), FAQ #2 is: "Why does it matter which side of the gas station the plane flew on? Couldn’t the plane have flown on the north side of the gas station and still hit the light poles and building?"

The short answer to the second question is "no", and that FAQ page (viewable in full here) is an important resource explaining why that is the case.

A new section has now been added to this page. It is entitled:


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Two more speak out in support of CIT - Rusty Aimer and Stanley Beattie
Posted Monday, Dec 20, 2010, 11:14pm

Captain Ross "Rusty" Aimer and engineer Stanley Beattie have decided to join the ever-growing list of experts, scholars, journalists, activists, researchers and concerned citizens who have formally offered praise and support for our presentation National Security Alert.

Mr. Beattie is a licensed Professional Engineer in his home state of Michigan. He also holds a B.S. in Physics. After graduation he spent several years in the U.S. Navy, where he served as Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Talbot County (LST-1153). He subsequently spent 33 years serving in various engineering and management positions for the ANR Pipeline Company before retiring in 1996.

Mr. Aimer is a retired professional pilot with 45 years airline experience.  As a captain for United Airlines he flew the routes for both Flight 175 and Flight 93 many times.  He is a core member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and was recently featured in an episode of Jesse Ventura's television show on TruTV about the Pentagon attack, where he demonstrated the implausibility of any pilot, let alone an amateur like Hani Hanjour, to accomplish what Hanjour is alleged to have accomplished.

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Dwaine Deets Endorses CIT's National Security Alert
Posted Friday, Jul 23, 2010, 11:05am

Dwain Deets is an outspoken 9/11 truth advocate who is a core member of both Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth as well as Pilots for 9/11 Truth.  He has recently launched a very succinct website regarding the destruction of World Trade Center building 7 at http://www.7problemswithbuilding7.info.

Mr. Deets is currently retired after 37 years with NASA, where he worked as an aeronautical engineer and flight director for Aerospace Projects. In other words he is a literal rocket scientist.

[Read more]

Barrie Zwicker Endorses Citizen Investigation Team and National Security Alert
Posted Friday, Jul 23, 2010, 11:05am

We are honored to have received the following endorsement from renowned journalist, author, and media critic Barrie Zwicker

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Citizen Investigation Team European Tour - September 2010
Posted Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010, 4:43pm

This year for the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Craig Ranke, co-founder of Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), will be screening their presentation National Security Alert throughout France and other locations in Europe. [Read more]

French bloggers interview Craig Ranke, Kropotkine & Ikky w/ E&FD
Posted Monday, Mar 5, 2010, 4:43pm by Craig Ranke CIT

I participated in a comprehensive interview with French bloggers/911 Truth activists Kropotkine & Ikky of the "Enquêtes et Faits Divers" blog which means "Inquiries and News Items".

Read the full interview in English here.

These guys have done an amazing job bringing the evidence we have uncovered to the people of France by creating a version of National Security Alert with French subtitles that they uploaded to Dailymotion.com here. It has received over 35,000 views and over 500 comments.

French author Thierry Meyssan's book "L'Effroyable imposture" which means "The Horrifying Fraud" (Its English edition is entitled 9/11: The Big Lie) was released in 2002 and as far as I know was the first publication released questioning the 9/11 event during all the initial hysteria when to do so was considered unthinkable for most.

There has been a rather lively debate on this topic in France ever since.

Meyssan's book received worldwide attention and he was the first known proponent of the missile theory at the Pentagon. Kropotkine & Ikky recently published an exclusive interview with Meyssan on their blog where they asked him about the research of CIT. The original interview in French is available on their blog here and Kropotkine has translated the outtakes where Meyssan discusses CIT and posted them on our forum in this post.

There has been a renewed interest in France regarding the Pentagon attack due to the efforts of Kropotkine & Ikky to make sure people there are aware of what we have accomplished. With so many people discussing our research Kropotkine had some very excellent questions to ask us that deserved extremely detailed and thorough answers.

The same questions are also brought up during debate in the U.S. so reading this entire interview is highly recommended.

The following link is to the English version. They will be releasing a French version as soon as they finish the translation.

Interview de Craig Ranke, réalisateur de National Security Alert et co-fondateur de la Citizen Investigation Team

North Side Impact Analysis - New Tech Paper from Pilots For 9/11 Truth
Posted Monday, Feb 1, 2010, 10:09pm by Craig Ranke CIT

Pilots for 9/11 Truth has written a new tech paper, complete with calculations and animations, that formally and scientifically demonstrates that a plane on the north side of the gas station cannot cause the physical damage photographed and documented at the Pentagon, starting with the light poles.

This fact is usually obvious to the layman simply by looking at the location of the physical damage in relation to the witness flight path illustrations, but this paper makes it 100% clear and is backed by experts and professionals.

This puts any possible doubts to rest regarding the non-controversial scientific fact that a flight path directly over the Navy Annex and north of the former Citgo gas station as reported by the witnesses presented in National Security Alert unequivocally and scientifically proves a flyover.

Furthermore, as stated at the beginning of the paper:

"The simple fact is that most if not all of the eyewitnesses did not stop watching the plane the instant it came even with the north side of the gas station. In order to assert that the plane may have transitioned from the north side of the station to a trajectory that would allow it to cause the observed physical damage -- beginning with the first down light pole -- one would have to ignore everything drawn and reported beyond that point by the eyewitnesses. Ignoring witness statements is intellectually dishonest and not an objective approach to such an analysis. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, their placement of the plane over or very near the parking lot outside of the Arlington National Cemetery maintenance buildings, of which a number of witnesses are explicit. If the hypothetical maneuver in question were possible -- which as this paper shows, it is not -- it would still be a moot point as physical damage analysis and a North Approach Impact hypothesis is not consistent with witness statements, reports or drawings."

Click here to read the paper "NORTH APPROACH IMPACT ANALYSIS" by pilot Robert Balsamo, with review and approval from Captain Jeff Latas and Commander Ralph Kolstad (see links in paper for their bios).

Right click here and choose "Save As" to download the PDF verison (0.91 MB)

Thanks again, Rob!

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