Strategy » Operation Accountability

CIT has worked hard to provide the evidence. Now we need you to help us force accountability.

There is no sense in pushing for the federal government to investigate if their own official 9/11 explanation is false when we already have proof that this is the case, and especially when they have already refused to do this anyway. We feel the best strategy is for informed and concerned citizens to join together to put pressure on local, state, and even some federal authorities to seek indictments of those who are already directly implicated, and who are a direct link to the planners higher up the chain of command. This will undoubtedly be a challenging battle given the current political climate, so we must also simultaneously put pressure on the media to cover this information, thereby raising public awareness and helping us reach the "critical mass" of public pressure needed to compel the necessary action on the part of the authorities.

We must never forget that the evidence proves this was a successful psychological operation, and it has had an iron grip on the mainstream consciousness of America and the rest of the world since 9/11. Nevertheless, more and more people are questioning the event every day, and there are bound to be intellectually honest individuals who are both able to understand the clear implications of this evidence and also able to use their position in the media or government to do something about it. However, they aren't going to know it exists unless we make sure it gets in their hands.

This is where you come in. Anyone can follow the steps below from the comfort of their own home. Although it is much better to use your real name and we strongly encourage this it is not completely necessary if you are not comfortable doing so. The number one thing to remember is to document as much as possible. Take dated notes with time logs and try to record any conversations while saving all written or email correspondences.

Here is an outline of a suggested strategy. Sample letters will be live soon, and will be in Rich Text Format (RTF). Copies of National Security Alert can be obtained here.

Preparation: Compile a list of media figures, authority figures, and elected representatives (politicians), both local and national. Obviously the list could be endless, so prioritize and maintain a manageable workload. Perhaps set a goal to send out letters to a certain number of individuals every week. Also, make sure to always address specific individuals by name. This is critical if we expect to ever force accountability.

Stage 1: Send each individual on your list a copy of the National Security Alert DVD, along with a personalized letter requesting that they view the evidence and respond appropriately depending on their position. Request that media people report on it. Request that elected representatives and other appropriate authorities seek indictments. If you can afford to send all or some of them registered mail that would be ideal for documentation purposes.

Stage 2: Send them a personally addressed follow up letter two weeks later asking if they received the first letter and have viewed the evidence.

Stage 3: If you have still not received a response by the time two more weeks elapse, send a third letter suggesting that their failure to respond and act on the evidence is being documented and will be published if they continue to fail to take action. Request a response by a certain deadline as to what they plan to do about the information. Be firm, but polite.

Stage 4: If you still haven't received a response by your declared deadline, send them a final letter telling them that you are deeply disappointed that they have failed to respond appropriately and informing them that their failure to respond has been documented and will be published. The same can apply even if you have received a response and they simply refuse to act on the information. Such a failure to act on the part of politicians and authority figures is particularly problematic for them since their inaction to the information is tantamount to the crimes of obstruction of justice, misprision of treason, and misprision of a felony. Since this is the final letter, remind them of this with one final request for a response.

Stage 5: Report back to this website with your results after you feel you have exhausted all efforts with any particular individual. We will maintain a published list of individuals who have failed to respond or take action, and we will build a case for the aforementioned crimes when appropriate. The more evidence of your correspondence you can make available the stronger case we will have.

However much pressure you decide to put on any specific individual is up to you, but the more aggressive you get within legal boundaries the better. For instance, you may want to show up and confront some of the most critical individuals on your list in person if they insist on being complicit in the on-going cover-up. Get them to tell you (and/or your video camera) directly exactly why they refuse to do anything about the evidence, if that is the case. This type of action is not the least bit out of line or uncalled for given that the implications of the information you are providing them with are literally a matter of life and death.

This is strictly a non-violent campaign, and again, it is an organized effort with the main goal of seeking out honest people who are able to understand the implications of this evidence and who are in a position to do something about it in the public and/or legal arenas, while putting legal pressure on those who insist on keeping this important information suppressed.