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As stated on the home page of this website, the information in National Security Alert has not been brought to your attention simply for educational purposes. It is presented within the context of a “call to action” that we are calling Operation Accountability, which is accompanied by a detailed step-by-step strategy intended to inspire and empower you to do something about it. Operation Accountability is a non-violent campaign, the primary directive of which is for individuals concerned by the contents of National Security Alert to seek out honest people who are able to understand the clear implications of this evidence and who are in a position to do something about it in the public and/or legal arenas, while putting legal pressure on those who insist on keeping this important information suppressed. Here is how you can create/obtain copies of National Security Alert on DVD.

OPTION 1: Download National Security Alert for free, create an ISO image from that AVI file, and burn it to DVD

If you have a DVD burning drive on your computer you can create your own DVD copies of National Security Alert.

First, download the video

To download a free high quality copy of National Security Alert in AVI format:

1. Download it from - Simply log-in to your Vimeo account, click on this link, scroll down to the bottom right of the page, and click the "Download AVI" link.

2. Download it from Megaupload (UPDATE: has been seized by the U.S. Government.)

Second, create an ISO Image file from the AVI file

While many home DVD players (especially newer ones) will play AVI files, some will not. Therefore, we do not recommend burning the AVI file directly to DVD (unless you are simply archiving it or giving it to someone for them to store/play on their own computer). We recommend creating universally-playable DVDs like the ones you buy at the store. This way you can hand the DVDs that you create to anyone without having to worry about whether or not their DVD player is going to be compatible.

To do this, you must first create an ISO Image file out of the original AVI video. You can then burn that ISO file to DVD, and that DVD should then be playable in any (or at least virtually any) DVD player, regardless of make and model.

There are numerous free programs which can be used to create your ISO Image file, such as DVD Flick or DVD Styler.

Finally, Burn your ISO image file to DVD

This can be done using a free program such as CDBurnerXP. A DVD burning drive is required.

OPTION 2: Purchase DVD Copies of National Security Alert

We understand that some people will not want to bother with creating their own DVD copies of the presentation, so we are making professionally manufactured and printed copies in plastic "trimpack" cases available at rock bottom cost. Please feel free to make copies of the DVD and distribute them as widely as possible.

Number of DVDs   $/DVD   Total Cost  
Single x $10 = $5 + shipping Order
10 x $5 = $40 + shipping Order

To order all of our available DVDs for $35 (+shipping), click here. You will receive a quad pack containing "The PentaCon", "The North Side Flyover" (2 DVD Set), "Lloyde England & His Taxi Cab - The Eye of the Storm", plus a free copy of "National Security Alert". (These videos can be viewed for free online as well in the Supplemental Evidence section of this website.)

To view all DVD options go here.