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These videos should be viewed after first viewing our 2009 video National Security Alert, which is a concise summary of the key evidence. While these videos were originally released prior to that one, they are now most useful as supplements to National Security Alert. Click on the title of a video to view.

The PentaCon: Smoking Gun Version

  Runtime: 81 min
Original Release Date: 2/22/2007

This video features extended versions of our interviews with auto mechanic Edward Paik, gas station employee Robert Turcios, Sgt. William Lagasse, and Sgt. Chadwick Brooks, excerpts of which are seen in National Security Alert.

The First Known Accomplice?

  Runtime: 20 min
Original Release Date: 9/19/20007

This video features our first interview with Lloyde England, excerpts of which appear in our main presentation National Security Alert.  It was recorded in August of 2006.

"Flight 77": The White Plane

  Runtime: 34 min
Original Release Date: 10/12/2007

In this video we present interviews with previously unknown witnesses who we found by canvassing the neighborhoods of Arlington.   It is painfully obvious that the people on the street report something different than the small pool of suspect witness accounts reported by the mainstream media.  The plane that was seen flying at tree-top level over Arlington timed perfectly with the explosion at the Pentagon has been confirmed as predominantly white, unlike an American Airlines jet.  We expose the media cover-up of this white jet and the deliberate blending of reports to confuse people into thinking it was the E4B that was seen circling the white house later.

CIT Jettin' Crosstown

  Runtime: 26 min
Original Release Date: 11/8/2007

A major misconception regarding the Pentagon attack is that hundreds and hundreds of people in the area would be able to see the entire event go down, including the alleged "impact".  This is not the case, primarily due to the complex topography. In fact there are very few areas at all where you would be able to see the alleged "impact", and most who would be able to see the plane at all would only see it for about a split second.  The flyover would be concealed by the massive fireball and smoke plume as it banked upriver disguised as normal flight traffic out of Reagan, which you can see regularly in the area as seen in this footage.  This series of video-recorded location shots are an invaluable tool for people trying to get familiar with the area in order to understand how this deception was successfully executed in broad daylight.

The Pentagon Flyover: How They Pulled It Off

  Runtime: 100 min
Original Release Date: 2/25/2008

n this presentation we reveal more independently obtained smoking gun evidence further demonstrating how the true flight path of the Pentagon attack jet is irreconcilable with all official reports and data.  We demonstrate that  the plane flew over Washington DC skies and came from the east side of the Potomac River, whereas the phony government-supplied data has it on the west side of the river at all times, never crossing over toward DC.   We explain how the C-130 and white E4B or "mystery plane" were used as cover for the decoy jet that was meant to fool people into believing it hit the building.  We expose the methodology behind the operation and demonstrate how they were able to successfully pull off this military deception in broad daylight.

The North Side Flyover: Officially Documented, Independently Confirmed

  Runtime: 112 min
Original Release Date: 7/31/2008

This two-part video was the follow-up to The PentaCon: Smoking Gun Version.  In it we present extended versions of our interviews with Maria De La Cerda, William Middleton, Darrell Stafford, Darius Prather, Donald Carter, George Aman, Sean Boger, Roosevelt Roberts Jr., some of the eyewitnesses featured in National Security Alert All but one of these witnesses were on record with the Center for Military History (CMH) or Library of Congress (LoC) just weeks after the event, and all of whom saw the plane on the north side approach except for Roberts, who saw it flying away after the explosion.  A number of these witnesses also discuss a northwest approach of the C-130 cargo plane that flew onto the scene approximately three minutes after the event.  This flight path completely contradicts the proven-fraudulent alleged radar data released by 84 RADES in 2007 showing a south/southwestern approach, yet is consistent with the statements of the pilot himself, Lt. Col. Steve O'Brien.

Lloyde England and His Taxi: The Eye of the Storm

  Runtime: 95 min
Original Release Date: 10/29/2008

This video was released as a follow-up to the presentation to The First Known Accomplice?.  It chronicles our surreal, intense, and disturbing personal experience with Lloyde England in 2008 when we confronted him with the north side evidence, which proves that the plane did not fly anywhere near the light pole that allegedly speared the windshield of his cab on 9/11.  Includes an extended version our 2008 interview with Lloyde (excerpts of which are featured in National Security Alert), and footage of our road trip to his property in the country to examine the cab.

Over The Navy Annex

  Runtime: 24 min
Original Release Date: 1/2/2009

This video "short" featuring the account of eyewitness Terry Morin was released as an addendum to The North Side Flyover.  We present overwhelming  evidence that the Pentagon attack jet flew directly over the Navy Annex building. This simple fact is irreconcilable with all official reports and the dubious physical damage, corroborates the north side approach, and of course proves the plane did not hit the Pentagon.