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The Main Presentation: "National Security Alert"

The first thing you should do upon visiting this site is watch National Security Alert, an 81 minute video presenting conclusive evidence establishing that the plane that was seen flying low over Arlington on 9/11/01 did not in fact hit the Pentagon. Please click here to view the presentation now.

If you would like to download a copy of the video, click here There is no charge to do so.  This section also contains instructions on how to burn DVD copies which can be given to friends, family, media figures, the authorities, and your elected representatives.  It also contains a link to purchase DVDs of the presentation.

Additional Evidence

As stated above, National Security Alert is a concise presentation of the the key evidence we have uncovered proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the plane did not hit the Pentagon on 9/11/01.  However, there is much, much more evidence which we could not include in the presentation due to time constraints.  Please follow the links below to view this evidence.
Official Interviews - In National Security Alert, we explain that many of the north side approach witnesses presented are on record placing the plane on the same north side approach flight path during official interviews conducted only weeks after the event. This eliminates the notion that they are remembering inaccurately due to faded memory.  In this section, you can read and listen to these official interviews.

Supplemental Presentations - In the two and a half years prior to the June 2009 release of National Security Alert we released numerous full length video presentations and video shorts.  These videos contain extended versions of the interviews seen in National Security Alert, as well as interviews with other witnesses who were not included in that presentation.  These videos also include volumes of other information supporting the undeniable conclusion that the plane did not hit the Pentagon, and proving that the "official" (government-endorsed) account of what happened in Arlington that day is false on many other levels.  This section contains links to these presentations, and overviews of the contents of each."

Research Forum - Our research forum contains lots of additional research and analysis.  Please note that -- although we are no longer accepting new registrations -- we did for years allow other researchers and concerned citizens to sign up and post, so we do not always endorse everything that is posted.  However, some of the members have contributed some great research that has even in some cases made its way into our presentations.