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The North Side Flyover: Officially Documented, Independently Confirmed - Part 1

Original release: 31 Jul 2008
Runtime: 49 min

This two-part video was the follow-up to The PentaCon: Smoking Gun Version. It is now most useful as a supplement to National Security Alert. Please watch that video before watching this one.

In Part 1, we present extended versions of our interviews with Arlington National Cemetary (ANC) employees Darrell Stafford, Darius Prather, Donald Carter, and William Middleton. All four of these critical witnesses place the plane on the north side flight path.

Part 2 of the video features our interviws with Pentagon heliport tower air traffic controller Sean Boger, Army Band musician Maria De La Cerda, ANC employees Russell Roy and George Aman, and Pentagon Police Officer Roosevelt Roberts Jr. Like the witnesses in Part 1, they all saw the plane on the north side approach except for Roberts, who did not see it approach, but did see it flying away immediately after the explosion.

All of these witnesses except Carter were on record with the Center for Military History (CMH) or Library of Congress (LoC) just weeks after the event. In their CMH interviews, ALL of the CMH employees explicitly describe the north side approach, eliminating the notion that they were misremembering during our 2008 interviews due to faded memory.

A number of the witnesses in this video also discuss a northwest approach of the C-130 cargo plane that flew onto the scene approximately three minutes after the event. This flight path completely contradicts the proven-fraudulent alleged radar data released by 84 RADES in 2007 showing a south/southwestern approach, yet is consistent with the statements of the pilot himself, Lt. Col. Steve O'Brien.