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The Pentagon Flyover: How They Pulled It Off

Original release: 15 Jun 2009
Runtime: 81 min

In this presentation we reveal more independently obtained smoking gun evidence further demonstrating how the true flight path of the Pentagon attack jet is irreconcilable with all official reports and data. We demonstrate that the plane flew over Washington DC skies and came from the east side of the Potomac River, whereas the phony government-supplied data has it on the west side of the River at all times, never crossing over into DC. We explain how the C-130 and white E4B or "mystery plane" were used as cover for the decoy jet that was meant to fool people into believing it hit the building. We expose the methodology behind the operation and demonstrate how they were able to successfully pull off this military deception in broad daylight. This video is a supplement to the video National Security Alert. Please watch that video before watching this one.