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Lloyde England and His Taxi Cab: The Eye of the Storm

Original release: 29 Oct 2008
Runtime: 95 min

This video was released as a follow-up to the presentation to "The First Known Accomplice?" It chronicles our surreal, intense, and disturbing personal experience with the famous (now infamous) taxicab driver Lloyde England who claims that the windshield of his cab was speared by a 40 foot, 247 pound light pole that was allegedly hit by the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11, yet did not even leave a scratch on the hood, even while he was allegedly pulling it out of the car with (according to him) the help of a silent stranger who "didn't say a word".

There is not a single photograph or eyewitness corroborating Lloyde's claim that the pole was ever in his car.

In light of the proven fact that the plane approached from the north side of the gas station we now know why Lloyde's story simply doesn't add up: the plane did not fly anywhere near that light pole.

The impossibility of this account is exposed as we deconstruct the details and take a road trip with Lloyde to physically examine the actual cab that he still has preserved under a tarp on his property in the country.

This video is a supplement to the video National Security Alert. Please watch that video before watching this one.