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CIT Jettin' Crosstown

Original release: 8 Nov 2008
Runtime: 26 min

A major misconception regarding the Pentagon attack is that hundreds or even thousands in the area would be able to see the entire event go down, including the alleged "impact". This is not the case, primarily due to the complex topography. In fact there are very few areas at all where you would be able to see the alleged "impact" into the bottom two floors of the building, and most who would be able to see the plane at all would only see it for about a split second. The flyover would be concealed by the massive fireball and smoke plume as it cranked and banked upriver disguised as normal flight traffic out of Reagan, which you can see regularly in the area as well as in the following footage. CIT brings you to all of the surrounding areas to show you what the topography is really like. This series of location shots are an invaluable tool for people trying to get familiar with the area in order to understand how this deception was successfully executed in broad daylight.

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